With 74 burglaries every hour, lock up!

The latest report from the Office for National Statistics shows that there were 650,000 reported burglaries in the UK over the past 12 months, or 74 every hour! Time to consider a new front door.

Below are just a few scary statistics which should have you thinking about your home security:

  • In incidents of domestic burglary, entry was gained through a door around 70% of the time and through a window  30% of the time
  • Around 70% of domestic burglaries take place during the week and 30%  during the weekend
  • In over half of incidents of domestic burglary where an offender gained entry, someone was at home at the time
  • Three-fifths of domestic burglary take place during the evening or night (6pm to 6am)

So, what can you do about protecting your home?

Start with the front and back doors. We are a premium installer of Solidor doors and have an extensive range on display in our Cheshunt showroom. Solidor feature a hardwood timber core and Ultion locks fitted as standard. Ultion locking systems, when locked, stay locked. Leaving a key on the inside of the lock won’t affect its performance, plus you can have as many keys cut as you like.
If a break-in occurs as a result of lock snapping, Ultion will give you £1000.

Beyond the front door, we offer a range of UPVC windows that will dramatically improve your home security, and warmth! We stock all top brands including Rehau and Kommerling to offer the best in German engineering in your home. Please contact us for a no obligation quote on windows and/or doors today.

So, start 2018 safer than 2017 and contact us about replacing your door with a Solidor. If you needed further convincing, check out the article below and see another burglar thwarted by Solidor.

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