A new back door can impress as much as a front door!

We are so keen to ensure we give the best first impression of our home with a new front door we often forget the rear of our house.  The front door is the first thing that guests see when they arrive, giving visitors an indication of what to expect when they come inside. Style, and colour say a great deal about what awaits inside! Don’t forget the back of your house though, a new composite door at the back will improve the look and security and make the rear of your home just as stunning as the front!

It is true that for both style and security reasons the back is just as vital as the front door. It is a fact that around 20% of burglaries in the UK occur through the rear door compared to 30% through the front. What’s more, a third of people don’t double lock their back doors and most people don’t hide valuables. The study was completed by MoneySuperMarket, who also shared a guide to helping keep homes safe. For this reason, we recommend that you treat them as equals and don’t de-specify the back door. Plus, with the various options available, you can choose from a range of standard doors, or even a nice stable door . Stable doors give you the ability to open the top part of the door to let in additional light and fresh air, whilst keeping your children and pets safe inside.

Check out the options available from Solidor or even better, pop into our showroom to see what is available.


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