Energy Rated Windows

Saving the environment doesn’t have to cost you a lot of time or money. In fact, it’s quite the opposite with our Energy Rated Windows. You can do your bit by simply choosing us when you decide to replace your old, inefficient windows.
Choosing the best windows for  your house can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and leave you with more more money to spend at the end of the month. Our Energy Rated Windows windows make the most of natural heat to warm your home, lessoning the need for energy hungry (and expensive) central heating systems which contribute to global warming.

Here’s the science behind it…

Intelligence glass

Our energy rated windows incorporate revolutionary Low ‘E’ glass Which quite literally reflects heat back into the room instead of letting it pass through the window.  So if you are not warming your home with central heating, you will not need it on for as long, and if it is naturally warm inside your home, you won’t need it on at all.

Intelligent gas

The space between the internal and external panes of glass is known as the cavity and is commonly filled with dry air.  This creates another, fairly effective layer of insulation.  However we’ve improved upon this by filling the cavity in our glass units with argon – a much denser gas which is far better at controlling the transfer of heat.

Warm-Edge Spacer

The cavity between the panes is created by what’s known as a spacer bar.  Rather than using aluminium spacer bars – which conduct heat and therefore lose heat – we use a composite polymer material spacer bar which is 950 times less conductive than aluminium.  Together with the argon gas and the Low ‘E’ glass, this makes for the perfect room temperature.

Energy Ratings Explained

The British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) has developed a scheme, similar to that used for electrical and white goods, to score the energy efficiency of windows.  The scheme was introduced so that homeowners could easily identify which windows will save them the most money and do more to protect the planet.

A Rated: Simply, an ‘A’ is the highest industry rating currently available and we have a number of products in our range that meet this standard.

C Rated: According to the revised Building Regulations, all replacement windows must now be C-rated or the equivalent to this.

As part of the BFRC scheme, our replacement windows now come with an energy rating label which allows you to make an informed decision about you planned home improvements.