Your front door says a lot about you !



Visitors make a judgement about you within seconds of seeing your front door.  What does the colour of your door say about you?

  • Anthracite Grey

A top colour trend for front doors at the moment.

A grey door will tell visitors you’re sophisticated, quite reserved and mysteriously ambiguous.

People visiting can expect a stable and protective environment when they come inside.

  • Rich Aubergine

 Purple is often associated with royalty and signifies that you’re a free spirit, ambitious and that you aren’t afraid to take the odd risk.

Your visitors should expect the unexpected when entering your home.

  • Chartwell Green

Green is the colour of nature, it symbolises growth and harmony. Having a Chartwell green door suggests that you take pride in your home and that you’re community spirited.

A green door also indicates that you’re a traditionalist who is fond of home comforts.

Those visiting can expect a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere when stepping inside.

  • Blue

A blue front door suggests that your home is your refuge.

Blue is said to be a colour chosen by the most intelligent of people and is associated with someone who has depth and is very loyal.

People visiting can expect a tranquil and calm environment when arriving at your home.

  • Black

The colour of the most iconic entrance in Britain – No 10 Downing Street.

A black front door tells visitors that you’re a consistent and conservative person who exudes authority but also has a mysterious side.

Your visitors should expect a formal yet elegant home when they visit.



Whichever colour suits you, Solidor and Presswarm can find the perfect match. Call or email us today to choose the perfect door for your home. #solidor

Burglars love Bonfire night!

Fireworks equal thefts

Analysis of 10 years’ worth of claims data by insurance giant Aviva reveals that on Bonfire Night, there is a 22% increase in burglaries compared with a typical day.

Aviva’s research shows that a large number of people don’t check their doors and windows are locked when hosting or attending parties. 13% leave their front door unlocked when they’re having their own display and two-thirds don’t check their windows are locked.  33% of those that are attending fireworks parties don’t check their own windows are locked. For more information on Aviva, their research and services offered, check out 

Top Tips

  1. Give the impression that someone is home by leaving the radio on a talk-back station and a few lights on.
  2. Use a timer  to ensure your lights will come on as it goes dark and use eco-bulbs to save money on bills.
  3. Avoid telling strangers who know your address, such as delivery men or salespeople, that your house is likely to be empty at any particular time.
  4. If you’re holding a party at home, avoid leaving a sign on your front door telling guests to meet you in the garden or ‘come in around the back’.
  5. Make sure all front doors and windows are locked.

The perfect time to improve your home’s safety

As bonfires are burning and winter is drawing in it is a great time to take advantage of our low prices on windows and doors. We offer a range of colours and styles to suit you, each with the finest locks and security features available. Everything we sell is of the highest quality, sourced from the UK and Germany and sold at realistic and affordable prices.

Protecting you for over 40 years

We have been offering a bespoke installation service for double glazed windows, doors, porches, french doors, patio doors, and conservatories since 1973. Plus, as a family business with no sales commission you will receive a more enjoyable and relaxed buying experience. It is also worth remembering that our guarantee will last for 10 Bonfire nights!  Call or email us today for a no obligation quote to ensure you are not a burglary victim this winter!

As clocks go back Hertfordshire Constabulary have launched their Autumn campaign to catch burglars and protect homes

  • Residents urged to secure homes as clocks go back
  • Burglary increases expected during autumn and winter

Hertfordshire Constabulary is reminding residents to keep homes secure and report suspicious behaviour as clocks go back, bringing darker afternoons and evenings.

Burglary levels increasing

Burglary levels have increased year on year  by 44% between 1 April 2017–15 October 2017. Burglary  increases during the autumn as afternoons get darker, making it easier to identify unlit, unoccupied homes.

This autumn police will be focusing on burglary as a priority, providing  advice on home security and general crime prevention.

Herts Police suggest some basic crime prevention advice such as using timers on lights or radios,  as well as tips regarding securing windows and doors.

Keep doors and windows locked

Be sure to check ground floor windows and doors are closed and locked when leaving the house or going to bed. Lock upstairs windows when the house is unoccupied.

PVCu doors must be locked by lifting the handle and turning the key to ensure all the security features are in place.

Chief Inspector Lockley from Hertfordshire Constabulary’s Crime Reduction Unit said:

“Many people don’t remember or don’t know to double-lock PVCu doors by lifting the handle and turning the key to engage all the safety features. Also obvious things like closing all windows and locking garden gates and garages – it’s surprising how many burglaries would be prevented by simply doing these things.”

We can help

At Presswarm we offer a range of products to increase the security of your home. This begins at the front door with a Solidor door, featuring Ultion locks as standard. Ultion have passed tests that even the finest 3 star locks can’t achieve, making it the most secure lock available.

Amongst the many window systems we use is Kommerling which have been designed to offer the highest levels of security for your home. We provide windows that have multi-point locking systems and even lockable handles. There are several other key security features we can offer so please contact us for further information.


Bi-Fold Door Installation

Here, our newly installed bifold doors benefit from the new patio being raised to the same level as the lounge floor, resulting in a seamless flow between inside and outside.


Schwarzbraun Windows and Doors

Schwarzbraun is a great alternative to a traditional black finish when looking for a softer contrast with the brickwork colour. This is a set of recently installed doors in this ‘black-brown’ finish.


Victorian Cottage Front Door Installation

Here is a Victorian cottage in Ware that has just benefited from the installation of a new Solidor composite front door. This door is finished in Anthracite Grey with chrome hardware.


New Hertfordshire Front Door Installation

The Traditional Collection from Solidor brings classic designs into the modern era. We have just installed this door from the Edinburgh range, shown here in Peacock Blue with Park Lane Bespoke glass. Please call for further details.


Presswarm at the NEC

LivinRoom pelmet

Ultraframe LivinRoom Pelmets

Adding an Ultraframe LivinRoom pelmet from Presswarm to your conservatory build not only further insulate the eaves but it also creates the perfect housing for spotlights and speakers, giving you an elegant, warm space for relaxing and entertaining.


sky-roof-lanterns hertfordshire

UltraSky roof Lanterns

Presswarm’s Ultrasky lanterns are the perfect solution for a new build traditional Orangery, extension or can be inserted into an existing flat roof to help give you the feeling of light and space.


Whether your new living space is for a dining room, kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom the Ultrasky Lantern is the perfect elegant solution for your home.

The Ultrasky lantern will enhance any home – traditional or modern alike.  Its strong ridge reduces the need for multiple bars to maximise the amount of glass that allows light to flood into your room.